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Galactic radio FM: tuning in to black holes
by Gerardo García Moreno

We have converted our galaxy into an enormous antenna. Then, we have used that antenna to detect the gravitational wave background generated by the merger...

Gamma-ray bursts – Nature’s most powerful fireworks
by Denitsa Staicova

A flash in the sky. With such high energy that our eyes cannot detect it, as it is outside of their electromagnetic range. But gamma-ray...

Black Holes, Windows to New Observational and Theoretical Frontiers
by Shahin Sheikh-Jabbari

Physics is the science of understanding Nature through mathematical formulations. Here understanding amounts to make a model within a given theoretical framework, analyzing the model...

How our galaxy and its neighbours help us understand dark energy
by David Benisty

Have you ever wondered about the forces that shape our universe and drive its expansion? I am here to share with you some fascinating insights...