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Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants

Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants

What is an ITC Conference Grant?

The ITC Conference Grants are given to Young Researchers and Innovators (YRI) affiliated in an Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) / Near Neighbour Country (NNC) (see here for more details) for the presentation of their own work in high-level conferences not organised by CosmoVerse COST Action.

ITC Conference Grants:

  • serve COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy;
  • support Young Researchers and Innovators affiliated in a legal entity in an Inclusiveness Target Countries/Near Neighbour Countries to gain knowledge, to establish a strong network, and to increase their visibility in the research community through sharing their work;
  • contribute to increasing the visibility of the Action.

Only postgraduate students, and Young Researchers (< 40 years old) from ITC/NNC (see here for more details) can apply for the ITC Conference Grant.

All applicants/grantees must be acquainted with rules and procedures described in the Annotated Rules in Section A2, and more specifically in subsection A2-2.3.

All the written outputs/deliverables derived from the ITC Conference Grant must properly acknowledge COST Action CA21136 CosmoVerse funding, as detailed in the COST acknowledgement guidelines. More specifically, the sentence “This article/publication is based upon work from COST Action CA21136 Addressing observational tensions in cosmology with systematics and fundamental physics (CosmoVerse) supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).” in the Acknowledgement section is expected in any follow-up publications.

The Conference must happen within the same Grant Period as that of the application (Grant Periods start on 1 November for one year).

Acceptance of poster and/or oral presentation is compulsory for the application.

After the conference, the Grantee must submit in e-COST the following documents within at the latest 30 days after the conference, or 15 days after the end of the Grant Period, whichever date comes first:

  • Report on the outcome of the presentation of the accepted contribution:
  • For ITC Conferences Grants: in terms of grantee’s visibility, including the establishment of new contacts for future collaborations.
  • The certificate of attendance.
  • The programme of the conference or book of abstracts/proceedings indicating the presentation (oral or poster) of the grantee.
  • The copy of the given presentation (oral or poster).

The maximum grant that can be awarded is €2000 for live conferences and €500 for virtual conferences.

ITC Conference Grantees must make their own arrangements for all provisions related to personal security, health, taxation, social security, and pension matters.

The amount of the grant must be estimated by the applicants after the following criteria:

  • The budget can cover at maximum 1 day before and 1 day after the end of the conference.
  • The daily rate for accommodation, food, and local transport must be calculated based on the official COST table (link also available at p.85 of the Annotated Rules).
  • Long-distance travel expenses must follow general COST rules.

Grants are processed only after the Conference ends, and after the reporting documents have been uploaded in the system and approved.

Calls for conference grants will be open continuously all year.

It is the duty of the applicant to apply and be accepted to present their work at the conference. A Grant Awarding user guide is available.

  • Applicants must register for an e-COST profile to be active.
  • Applicants must complete the online application form.
  • The following compulsory documents must be included in the online application:
    • Title of the presentation; conference dates and country; budget requested by the applicant; attendance type (face to face or virtual).
    • Application form (template available on e-COST) describing (max 2 pages): Relevance of the conference topic to the Action and Motivation describing the potential for impact on the applicant’s career.
    • CV (No more than 3 pages – including a list of selected academic publications – if applicable).
    • Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral or poster presentation.
    • Letter of support from home institution (in case of postgraduate students).
    • Acceptance letter from the conference organisers.

Applications will be collected and made public each month.

Ranking will operate on a “first come first served” basis, but the Grant Awarding Committee will still select the Grantees according to the connection and relevance to the goals and topics of CosmoVerse, as well as the quality of the abstract of the presentation. These decisions will be taken and made public at the end of each month until the budget allocated to Conference Grants allows.

COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy will also be taken into consideration.

ITCCG Grantees

Home Institution
Conference name and website
Date of conference
Title of presentation
Oleksii Sokoliuk
Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
34th IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics
03/08/2023 – 09/08/2023
LANCELOT: Precise simulations of Large Scale Structure in the modified theories of gravity with massive neutrinos
Theodoros Papanikolaou
National Observatory of Athens
New Horizons in Primordial Black Hole physics (NEHOP)
18/06/2023 – 22/06/2023
Gravitational wave signatures from Poisson distributed and magnetised primordial black holes
Charalampos Tzerefos
National Observatory of Athens
Geometric Foundations of Gravity 2023
18/06/2023 – 23/06/2023
Scalar induced gravitational waves in modified teleparallel gravity theories
Emre Ozulker
Istanbul Technical University
Workshop on Tensions in Cosmology
06/09/2023 – 13/09/2023
Tackling the tensions of cosmology with a negative dark energy density
Marianthi Skorda
National Observatory of Athens
Workshop on Tensions in Cosmology 2023
06/09/2023 – 13/09/2023
Alleviating H0 tension in f(G) gravity
Konstantinos Dialektopoulos
Transilvania University of Brasov
Compact Objects in Modified Theories of gravity
15/09/2023 – 18/09/2023
Update on the use of Artificial Neural Networks in cosmology
Maria Petronikolou
National Technical University of Athens
Workshop on Tensions in Cosmology 2023
06/09/2023 – 13/09/2023
Alleviating both H0 and σ8 tensions through Tsallis entropy