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Geographical distribution

Geographical distribution
CosmoVerse aims at bringing scientists together as a community to better work on cosmological tensions. Our community is inclusive, having working group members from 38 countries.

It is also open to all scientific fields working on cosmological tensions, and to all stages of the scientific career. Following COST policy, we trace the following inclusiveness metrics:

  1. Geographical spread: representatives from 26 COST countries, 16 of which are Inclusiveness Target Countries in our Management Committee, and scientists from 38 countries in our Working Groups.
  2. Career stage: involving young researchers: We involve 58% of scientists under 40 years old with 38% in the Management Committee positions.
  3. Gender balance: the percentage of women in the action is 28% with 40% in the Management Committee positions.

We aim to train the next generation of scientists proficient in the subject of cosmological tensions in the 3 directions the Action explores. We also aim to provide young talents at the beginning of their careers with opportunities to be in leadership positions and to expand their knowledge through training schools and Short Term Scientific Missions.