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As members of the COST Action CA21136 “Addressing observational tensions in cosmology with systematics and fundamental physics” (CosmoVerse), we endorse the commitment by COST to fully promote gender equality and support talented scientists regardless of their gender, sexual preferences, ethnic background, religious practices or physical disability.

We pledge to promote diversity in all its forms and to work to increase the numbers of women and under-represented groups participating in the Action, to involve them in leading roles, and to maximize their contribution to excellence in our research. We will strive to create a professional climate that encourages inclusion and respect, and that will aim to increase flexibility so that people with disabilities or people with young children can effectively participate in the Actions activities.

Using workshops, training schools, and mentoring programmes, we will train Young Researchers and Innovators to boost their career prospects while following the spirit of mutual respect and tolerance.

Furthermore, we will establish clear rules on how the preference for underrepresented candidates will be formulated, with respect to funding conference grants, STSMs, and conference time. We will also have different non-scientific activities aiming to actively promote gender balance and diversity which will be posted on this webpage.

CosmoVerse endorses the European Astronomical Society (EAS) Ethics Statement and Guidelines for Good Practice