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Research Coordination objectives

CosmoVerse will coordinate between 3 different strong communities working on challenging LCDM using multiple cosmological surveys. The common goal is to improve our knowledge of the Universe and fundamental physics, using high-precision survey data and advanced data analysis techniques. The 3 themes of the Action will strengthen European collaboration and leadership.

CosmoVerse will encourage and support the development of computational tools that make it easier to interpret observational data using fundamental physics beyond LCDM. Coordination between European research centres and leading experiments in the coming years will be facilitated through annual conferences that merge contributions from the observational cosmologists, data analysts and fundamental physics communities in a holistic and interdisciplinary way, and workshops that tackle cross-disciplinary topics such as incorporating more aspects of observational cosmology in data analysis pipelines, and how fundamental physics can more fluidly produce predictions that are easily used by observational surveys and simulation designers.
As more mission surveys come online, it will be crucial to establish a solid network between these collaborations so that data analysts can design better simulations and make the current state of observational cosmology clearer for researchers working in areas of fundamental physics.
Prepare Young Researchers and Innovators (YRI) for cross-disciplinary problem-solving fields (and other transferable skills) through training schools and a large devotion of funds to Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) that bring together different communities which will create long-lasting and native links between observation, data analysis and fundamental physics communities and strengthen cosmology across Europe.
These papers will be a combination of works that result from Short Term Scientific Missions and outputs of workshops over the course of the 4-year period of the Action. The Action will also promote virtual collaborations and encourage collaborative works of this kind.
Creating a strong online presence, organising outreach events, highlighting individuals in the network, and providing constructive teaching tools for educators will connect the broader public and students across Europe with ongoing research related to observational advances in cosmology as well as efforts in confronting cosmological tensions in recent surveys.

Capacity-building objectives

The overarching theme of CosmoVerse is to consolidate effects to investigate the current cosmological discordances by establishing an interdisciplinary framework across observation cosmology, data science and fundamental physics communities with a strengthened and long-lasting base in Europe. By bringing researchers closer together academically, the network will support progress in the state-of-the-art in a better-organised and better-coordinated way. This will empower researchers to implement novel approaches to fundamental physics through data science approaches.