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What if Einstein was wrong?
by Miguel A. S. Pinto

Yes, I have asked the question: what if the most widely recognized physicist ever was actually wrong? Perhaps wrong is too hard of a word,...

A quiet and sparkling sky
by Agnès Ferté

Recently, at the end of a yoga class, the teacher talked about balance between unchanging and transient states. It could not relate more to what...

Lurking in the dark
by Krishna Naidoo

The hunt for new physics in the dark sector The standard model of particle physics, which describes the nature and interaction of sub-atomic particles, is...

Death to the standard model of the Universe (?): a murder mystery
by Agne Semenaite

Do not be frightened: choose wisely and you may only need to read half of this As a cosmology PhD student, I spend my days...

From Icelandic mines to the hidden depths of the Universe
by Patricia Diego Palazuelos

Did you ever own a mineral collection? My cousin used to have one when he was a kid. His favourite was the Iceland spar, a...