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Popcorn Void finder

Type: Void finder
Authors: Dante Paz collaborators: Carlos M. Correa, Sebastián R. Gualpa, Andres N. Ruiz, Carlos S. Bederián, R. Dario Graña, Nelson D. Padilla
Abstract: The popcorn void finder is used to identify void structures in cosmological simulations.

The Popcorn Void finder introduces a novel definition of cosmic voids constructed as free-form objects comprising the union of spheres of maximum volume under a specified integrated underdensity contrast. This algorithm, publicly available, implements a concept inspired by excursion-set theory, eliminating the need for rescaling processing. As a consequence, the abundances of popcorn voids can be well described by excursion set models. At the moment, this code can be used to identify voids in numerical simulations; the version for surveys is currently in development.

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