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Type: Analysis code
Authors: Oliver H. E. Philcox, Thomas Flöss
Abstract: Optimal and efficient power spectrum and bispectrum estimators for large-scale structure. This applies to both simulations and observational data, implemented using Python & Jax.

PolyBin3D is a Python code that estimates the binned power spectrum and bispectrum for 3D fields such as the distributions of matter and galaxies. It is a sister code to PolyBin, which computes the polyspectra of data on the two-sphere. For each statistic, two estimators are available: the standard (ideal) estimators, which do not take into account the mask, and window-deconvolved estimators. In the second case, we require computation of a Fisher matrix; this depends on binning and the mask, but does not need to be recomputed for each new simulation. The code also supports GPU acceleration using JAX.

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