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hi_class: Horndeski in the Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System

Type: Simulation code
Authors: Emilio Bellini, Miguel Zumalacarregui
Abstract: Einstein-Boltzmann solver for Horndeski's theory (the most general second-order scalar-tensor theory of gravity). The user can specify a paremeterization within the effective field theory of dark energy or a scalar-tensor Lagrangian. Hi_class computes linear cosmological observables (FRW distances, CMB, matter power and number count spectra) and can be used for parameter estimation (Montepython, Cobaya).

hi_class implements Horndeski’s theory in the Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System. It can be used to compute any linear cosmological observable in seconds, including FRW distances, CMB, matter power and number count spectra. hi_class can be readily interfaced with Monte Python or Cobaya to test Gravity and Dark Energy models.

Horndeski’s is the most general scalar-tensor theory described by second-order equations of motion. User can specify models within this class, including Galileons, Brans-Dicke, Kinetic-Gravity Braiding and Quintesssence. hi_class can also work with parameterizations of the expansion history and linear perturbations (as described in Self-consistent initial conditions and approximation schemes are implemented.

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