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Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System

Type: Simulation code
Authors: Julien Lesgourgues, Nils Schoeneberg, Thomas Tram
Abstract: CLASS (simulation of cosmological background evolution, thermodynamical evolution and perturbations, from inflation till today, including linear theory and some of its extensions like HMcode or 1-loop EFT, as well as the calculation of many CMB and LSS observables)

This C code (completed by its python wrapper classy) simulates the cosmological background, thermodynamical and perturbation evolution from inflation until today. It relies mainly on linear theory, but it also includes non-linear extensions such as HMcode or 1-loop EFTofLSS. It delivers most of the commonly used CMB and LSS observables (including Cl spectra for temperature, polarisation, cosmic shear, number count, or matter power spectra).

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