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Antonio Ferreiro
Radboud University Nijmegen

What is your name, affiliation, academic position, and job title?
My name is Antonio Ferreiro, currently at Radboud University Nijmegen, as a visiting postdoctoral

What is your field of research and/or what project are you involved in?
I work in quantum field theory in curved spacetime and its applications to Cosmology. Currently, I am
studying the generation of quantum fluctuations in the early Universe, the impact of this effect in
gravitational waves and how to consistently construct observable within the framework of QFTCS.

What are your research plans?
My interest focuses on studying potential quantum effects in the Universe and how can it have an
imprint in the evolution of our Universe.

How does CosmoVerse fit within those plans?
CosmoVerse is intended to bring together theoretical physicist as myself with researchers working in
observational cosmology, to construct a bridge between possible candidates of physical models or
theories and potential observational outcomes.

What are the most exciting open questions in your research area?
How does quantum phenomena act in the presence of gravity and what are the consequences of these
in the origin and evolution of our Universe?

What advances or new results are you excited about or looking forward to?
The possible detection of a gravitational wave background which could give us important information
about the early universe.

What is your view on cosmic tensions? How does your work connect with this open question
in the community?

Tensions or anomalies in Cosmology can lead to interesting discoveries of new phenomena that were
previously not consider. This could also include quantum effects such as particle creation or vacuum
polarization phenomena, which I am currently researching.

What is the biggest obstacle that is slowing down your research field right now?
The absence of data and the mathematical complexities of modern physical theories.

What role do you think a community network like CosmoVerse can play in developing
theoretical astroparticle physics and cosmology?

Filling the gap between the mathematical language of theoretical models in Cosmology and the
observational outcomes in the available data.

What do you hope to see accomplished scientifically in the next 50 years?
The potential detections of gravitational waves from the early Universe with enough data to give us
information about the evolution

In your view, what’s the most important challenge that humanity faces currently?
Achieving equality between all humans, especially in the context of human rights for women and
LGBT+ community.

What question would you have liked us to ask you, and what would you have answered?
Q: What activity could be helpful for the main aim of Cosmoverse?
A: I believe that in my case, a good understanding on how the acquisition of data and statistical analysis
is performed would be very useful for my own research, and probably, for many theoretical physicists.